the ULTIMATE tecartherapy

Fisiowarm 7.0 is more than just an extraordinary device. It’s everything that you have ever wanted in a tecartherapy unit and didn’t think it was possible. All this with a beautiful design that makes the difference.

Fisiowarm 7.0 ensures the ultimate tecartherapy experience because we believe that it can’t get much better than this!

The most Effective

The new Fisiowarm 7.0 features allow the therapy to adapt perfectly to the patient.

Automatic Adaptive WaveHigh energy athermyFrequencies on Demand

The easiest to Use

Fisiowarm 7.0 ensures the highest performance with infinite treatment.

your user remote interface Tecartherapy accessories

The Safest

Fisiowarm was the first unit to eliminate the risk of electric shock and accidental burns thanks to the implementation of low-voltage circuits even for the capacitive transfer.

Safe  Low voltage capacitive Electrode





Fisiowarm 7.0 is the perfect device for




Holding the past to get the future

Golden Star’s 15 years of experience in tecartherapy and over 70 years of history have led to the best product on the market. After years of continuous innovation, we are the only ones who have actually surpassed ourselves leaving the competition behind.

We have done so:

  • Using the most advanced technology
  • Using the best products available
  • Ensuring maximum interaction with physiotherapists to create new accessories and new applications


FISIOWARM 7.0 Technology Masterpieces

For the frst time, a tecartherapy unit allows you to select the most suitable frequency for your treatment in a range from 300 KHz and 1 MHz in steps of 1 KHz. Discover our Frequency on Demand System.

28 accessories

to cover the full range of applications (musculoskeletal, aesthetic, and pelvic floor disorders):


That we offer a Lifetime Warranty

“The limited “Lifetime Warranty” granted by us refers, inter alia, to a 6 years period as from the original purchase of the Fisiowarm® 7.0. product. For terms and conditions and limitations of our “Lifetime Warranty”, please refer to our Limited Warranty Declaration”.

Discover why Fisiowarm 7.0 is the ULTIMATE tecartherapy device on the marketplace!


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