In physics, amplitude, frequency, and waveform are the main parameters that describe the characteristics of a wave-like electrical signal.

The early diathermy technologies only allowed for sine waveforms, which were, in fact, the most widely used waveforms in tecartherapy for many years.

Now, increasingly modern and ef cient circuits have made it possible to easily vary the waveform, frequency, and amplitude to adapt to various types of treatment.

Today, the AAW technology allows Fisiowarm® 7.0 to generate a self- adaptive wave. The signal adapts continuously and automatically based on the patient’s impedance and the parameters set by the operator.

THE AAW WAVEFORM In electrotherapy, the waveform of a signal characterises its behaviour.

Fisiowarm 7.0 shapes the output waveform optimising its behaviour based on the treatment and the set output level:

Low voltage

Fisiowarm 7.0 sets a waveform focusing on the power level (biostimulation) rather than the energy level (thermal effect), which is reduced to less than half the nominal level.
Moreover, at low output levels, a special lter adapts the harmonic spectrum of the signal based on the patient’s impedance, thereby increasing its effectiveness.

High voltage

As the output level grows, Fisiowarm 7.0 changes the waveform increasing the thermal ef ciency compared to the power level, thereby ensuring greater comfort and safety despite conveying increasing amounts of energy.


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